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Welcome! Here is an article and a couple of words about COVID-19

Welcome to some quality reading and watching during this time of social distancing.

The internet is currently swirling with differing and conflicting views on COVID-19. Did it all just come from an unfortunate bat in a dodgy meat market in China? Is it an escaped bio warfare weapon? Is it part of a globalist conspiracy? How do we balance economic damage against loss of life? How much do we restrict personal freedom for the common good? How deadly is this thing, and what are the key factors in morbidity? Of those who died, how many would have died in the next bad flu season anyway?

Here at 3PT we don’t tell you what to think. Rather, we publish articles and analysis to help better your thinking (and ours). We do this in part by bringing you credible and diverse sources. This is one such source. Watch at your leisure and enjoy seeing how long it takes for the Main Stream Media (MSM) to catch-on, how much they report, and what information goes unreported.

Meanwhile remember that ‘this too shall pass’.


Open Trial Community Project

3P Training recently corresponded with another exciting community project ‘Open Trial’

OpenTrial is about ‘seeing justice done’ by harnessing modern technology to advance transparency, accountability and data analysis in order to empirically identify and tackle flaws. This necessitates informing people about their fair trial and pre-trial detention rights, as well as the right to competent police protection free of corruption. It is a game changer intended to improve the lives of billions living in the developing world.

Check out the site here: http://www.opentrial.org/


Hacking the US Election #101

Welcome to 2017.

I can’t let this month go by without saying something about the extraordinary events surrounding the President elect of the USA.

Let’s start with the hacking.

There hasn’t been any. At least not any successful hacking that anyone can prove.

The joint intelligence assessment stated that hackers (allegedly Russian) had got as far as the voting boards. That’s all. In other words, the Russians did not access the voting machines and therefore did not alter the outcome of the election. The Russians did make it clear that they preferred Trump over Hillary and said so in all their media outlets – a bit like how the CIA preferred Hillary over Trump and said to in all their media outlets. Hell hath no fury like an intelligence (sic) agency trumped.

…and the Democratic National Committee email leaks…yup they were leaks. Repeat after me L. E. A. K. S. That is not the same as a H. A. C. K. For people without a working knowledge of English, a dictionary, or access to the internet – a leak is when someone inside your organisation shares information about your organisation that you want secret. A hack is when someone outside your organisation accesses your secret information electronically and steals it. The DNC emails were leaked to Wikileaks and the leaker was an insider and not Russian. We know because Julian Assange says so. The CIA disagrees even though they admit they have no evidence whatsoever. So who are you going to believe? Do you believe a community volunteer organisation with an impeccable record committed to truth telling, or a secret service organisation with a very dirty record committed to lying, murdering, media manipulation, and staging coups within target countries?

But let’s pretend for the moment that the CIA have nobly exposed a Russian government hack. So what? What they are really saying is:

  1. You as a citizen have no right to know how evil, corrupt and deceitful a candidate or party is; and
  2. The system is so rigged that the only way you can know is from the Russian secret services.

Really it’s a big endorsement for Russia Today.

At least we now know who the fake news outlets are.

But is it really all a big storm in a tea cup? Well actually no.

Here’s the thing. In 2017 the secret police attempted and failed to steal an election from a popular presidential candidate, then openly campaigned against the president elect, then created a narrative to constrain the President from making wise and popular choices while in office that could reduce the power and influence of the secret police and their allies. That’s the state of American democracy in 2017.

To really get an overview on this I recommend following interviews with the former Assistant Secretary to Treasury under Reagan, and author of numerous books, Dr Paul Craig Roberts. They are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Oh, and one last thing. A long time ago a Rabbi called Jesus said “you will know the truth and the truth will make you free”. I believe him. If therefore people are obscuring and hiding the truth, then clearly they want to make us unfree.

Freedom has to be fought for in every generation.

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