In this course we will consider four major trends that are currently impacting the world order. They are:

  1. The pursuit by the United States of America for full spectrum dominance and global hegemony
  2. The pursuit by China of secure global resources
  3. Russia’s pursuit of national survival and its return to traditional values
  4. The global corporatist agenda to reshape the world for capital

Basic Tools – Our Method

In order to do this, we need a method, or as academics call it, a methodology. Our method is this:

  1. Look for systemic behaviours and repeating patterns on the part of the key players
  2. Ask ‘who benefits and who loses from these behaviours?’
  3. Seek sources close to events
  4. Ask what perspectives are not being shared
  5. Make a conclusion
  6. Test our conclusions and any counter narrative by asking ‘If this is true what would we expect to see, and do we see it?’

Later we will apply this method to answering the question: “Is there a single goal that directs foreign interventions by the United States of America; and if there is a single goal, what is?”


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