The alternative media comes replete with ideological rants, poorly research rumours, anti-Western bias, wacky conspiracy theories, and foreign state sponsored news services whose articles are sometimes picked up and circulated within communities that share common values or worldview. It is after-all the ‘wild west’ the new lawless frontier of news and information. Claire Wardle, PhD has provided some on-line guidance to help sort the wheat from the chaff.

The alternative media also contains blogs by thoughtful experienced people, subject matter experts, academics, investigative journalists who previously worked in the MSM, and credible citizen journalists. It provides a platform for news that does not make it past the ideological filter of MSM outlets, and a voice for people from all sides of politics who are systematically excluded from the MSM. This makes it a very valuable addition to the MSM for those who have intellectual curiosity and are primarily interested in truth.

Following are some examples of sites that are listed as ‘fake news’ by multiple self-appointed guardians of ‘real news’:

The Levant Report

Consortium News

All of these sites contain well considered, detailed, referenced, researched and credible commentary on world affairs. Most articles are by subject matter experts and academics. Some declare their ideology up-front and some do not. Read their content and judge for yourself. By way of further example, the lesson on assessing the mainstream media includes an article from investigative journalist Robert Parry who is best known for his role in uncovering the Iran-Contra affair. It is sourced from which is listed as a ‘fake news’ site. You are invited to compare and contrast the MSM article with the alternative media article. Look for factual analysis, historical reference, realistic sources, and any evidence of systemic bias.

Furthermore, some self appointed listers of ‘fake news’ sites also list Wikileaks as a fake news site. Wikileaks is not a news site but is a repository of leaked official documents that acts as a resource for journalists and other investigators.  Wikileaks is presumably listed because it has revealed details embarrassing to the US government, but then, isn’t that what journalism is for?

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