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Have you ever wondered how our Australian democracy, government, and parliament works?

  • How does the government make the decisions that affect our lives?
  • Can I do something to influence this?
  • Can they take away my freedoms?
  • Where do those freedoms come from anyway?
  • How can I affect positive change for the future?

If you have asked yourself these questions then this course is for you right now.

The Australian Democracy Course is valued at $35 BUT take advantage of our pre-election special and access the full course FREE until end of May 2022.

If you want to read further and deeper, if you want to learn more about social change and mass social movements, then take advantage of our current discount and enrol in the next level ‘Our Democracy’ citizenship upgrade course. This course valued at $87 is currently on a pre-election offer of only $35 to end of May 2022. Enrol now.

Welcome to ‘Australian Democracy’ a course for Senior Secondary Students.  This course is currently free to access without a purchase or login.

The  course covers both the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of Australian democracy. In this course, we trace the origins of our concepts of freedom, limited government, and the rule of law from ninth century Britain to federation. We look at the constitutional freedoms we do and don’t have and why. We then examine how political parties, parliaments, and the civil service interact to develop law and policy; and how practically citizens can influence government decisions.

This course is relevant to the Australian Curriculum as follows:

Australian Democracy Lesson  No. Topic ACARA Unit Topic
Lesson 3 Our Rights and the Australian Constitution Modern History Senior Secondary Curriculum v8.3– Unit 1 Understanding the Modern World
Lesson 8 Western World Major Trends Geography v8.3– Unit 4 Global Transformations

The content of this course and the opinions expressed in it are those of the author and do not represent the views of his employer or of any organisation.

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Australian Democracy – Senior Secondary Course