Welcome! A quick word and article on COVID-19

Welcome to some quality reading and watching during this time of social distancing.

The internet is currently swirling with differing and conflicting views on COVID-19. Did it all just come from an unfortunate bat in a dodgy meat market in China? Is it an escaped bio warfare weapon? Is it part of a globalist conspiracy? How do we balance economic damage against loss of life? How much do we restrict personal freedom for the common good? How deadly is this thing, and what are the key factors in morbidity? Of those who died, how many would have died in the next bad flu season anyway?

Here at 3PT we don’t tell you what to think. Rather, we publish articles and analysis to help better your thinking (and ours). We do this in part by bringing you credible and diverse sources. This is one such source.

Watch at your leisure and enjoy seeing how long it takes for the Main Stream Media (MSM) to catch-on, how much they report, and what information goes unreported.

Meanwhile remember that ‘this too shall pass’.

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